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UK to Grant 88% of Imports Tariff-free in Case of No-deal Exit

17 Oct 2019

On 8 October 2019, the UK Treasury and Department for International Trade – as part of the UK’s no-deal preparations – published an update to the UK’s temporary tariff regime that is intended to be pu...Read More


The Greater Bay Area: Making an Impact with Integrated Services

16 Oct 2019

From mega infrastructure projects, like bridges and rail links, to tall buildings, related master planning, project management, design, engineering and consultancy expertise, the UK’s Arup is using it...Read More


Brexit: PM Johnson Unveils New Proposals in Attempt to Secure Deal and Break Deadlock with EU

8 Oct 2019

On 2 October 2019, Prime Minister Boris Johnson put forward new (in his words) “constructive and reasonable proposals which provide a compromise for both sides” in an attempt to break the long-running...Read More


Brexit: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Prorogation of Parliament Found Unlawful by Supreme Court

26 Sept 2019

In a landmark judgement, the UK Supreme Court has ruled on 24 September 2019 that the decision to prorogue (suspend) the UK Parliament was unlawful, throwing the departure of the UK from the EU into d...Read More


Amid Brexit Uncertainties, UK Appetite for Gifts Remains Undiminished

25 Sept 2019

While anything Union Jack-motifed may be a little hard to export to most parts of the EU right now, Brexiting Britain seems to have lost none of its innate love for sustainable penguin knapsacks or ec...Read More


Brexit: Regulatory Challenges Faced by UK and EU-27 Companies in the Field of Chemicals Law

24 Sept 2019

Should the UK leave the EU by the currently foreseen deadline of 31 October 2019 without a withdrawal agreement in place, the EU’s laws will stop applying to UK-based establishments. This will be the ...Read More


Brexit: EU Commission Publishes Preparedness Notice in the Field of Cosmetics

13 Sept 2019

The EU and Member States are preparing for Brexit and encourage stakeholders to do so as well. The European Commission recently published a preparedness notice for the cosmetics industry laying out th...Read More


Brexit Jitters Fail to Undermine Confidence in UK Franchising Sector

13 Sept 2019

With the clock ticking down to the UK's departure – one way or another – from the European Union, would-be franchisees in one English region don't seem deterred from tactically investing in certain fr...Read More


As Boris Johnson Suffers Sixth Parliamentary Defeat in Record Time, UK Parliament Is Suspended

11 Sept 2019

It will come as no surprise to Hong Kong readers that the UK’s MPs have once more rejected Boris Johnson's attempts for a snap election to be held before the end of October 2019. On 9 September 2019, ...Read More


Snap Election Sought by UK Prime Minister After UK Parliament Votes to Avert No-deal Brexit

5 Sept 2019

Faced with the suspension of the UK parliament for five weeks in the months of September and October, British MPs voted on 3 September to take control of the parliamentary timetable. This paves the wa...Read More


Businesses Involved in Trade of Consumer Goods with EU Face Important Legal Repercussions Ahead of a No-deal Brexit

30 Aug 2019

In light of the approaching withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, Hong Kong traders might be concerned by the existing lack of agreement between the EU and the UK over the conseque...Read More


UK Parliament to Be Suspended in Shocking Move Engendered by UK Prime Minister

29 Aug 2019

In a shocking but not wholly unexpected twist to the raging Brexit saga, the UK government has made arrangements on 28 August 2019 for the suspension of the UK’s parliament for five weeks. This period...Read More


UK Prime Minister Pushes European Council President to Ditch Irish Backstop; EU Cold Shoulders Request

22 Aug 2019

On 19 August 2019, the UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote to the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, seeking to ditch the so-called Irish border backstop from the by now infamous Brex...Read More


United Kingdom: Market Profile

6 Aug 2019

The British government will attempt to cushion Brexit's disruptive impact for United Kingdom industries through a 'phased process of implementation' or 'transitional agreements'. Currency and economic...Read More


Blockchain Gang Forefront Real-Life Applications Over Developer Hype

19 July 2019

This year's London-hosted Blockchain for Business Summit saw speculation, hype and unsubstantiatable claims banished to the bar, while delegates tussled with the real-world applications of this versat...Read More


UK Stationery Sector Forefronts Self-Expression Rather Than Utility

4 July 2019

With digital technology encroaching on the notetaking and information-sharing territory that was once the province of paper and pens, exhibitors at the Stationery Show see the sector as likely to focu...Read More


Influencing the Influencers Now Essential Part of the Marketing Mix

24 June 2019

Such is the clout of social media influencers that brands should woo the key players in their sector and partner with them as a way of curating their online reputations, according to many exhibitors a...Read More


Brexit and Your Business: Dodging the Pitfalls

12 June 2019

Uncertainty over the UK’s departure from the EU is growing, with the risk of a damaging disorderly Brexit higher than ever. Hong Kong traders with operations in both the UK and EU markets will be awar...Read More


Endgame: Can Toy Licensors Survive in the Brutal New Retail Reality?

11 June 2019

While toy retailers and manufacturers have learnt to roll with the punches in these straitened times, licensors are clinging to the practices and fees they enjoyed in times more prosperous, an approac...Read More


Bold Acquisitions Show Confidence Remains in High St Toy Retailers

4 June 2019

With both the Early Learning Centre toy retail chain and Hamleys, the UK's most iconic toy shop, having recently been acquired, the ambition and investment plans of their new owners suggests high stre...Read More

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