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United Kingdom: Market Profile

6 Aug 2019

The British government will attempt to cushion Brexit's disruptive impact for United Kingdom industries through a 'phased process of implementation' or 'transitional agreements'. Currency and economic...Read More


Blockchain Gang Forefront Real-Life Applications Over Developer Hype

19 July 2019

This year's London-hosted Blockchain for Business Summit saw speculation, hype and unsubstantiatable claims banished to the bar, while delegates tussled with the real-world applications of this versat...Read More


UK Stationery Sector Forefronts Self-Expression Rather Than Utility

4 July 2019

With digital technology encroaching on the notetaking and information-sharing territory that was once the province of paper and pens, exhibitors at the Stationery Show see the sector as likely to focu...Read More


Influencing the Influencers Now Essential Part of the Marketing Mix

24 June 2019

Such is the clout of social media influencers that brands should woo the key players in their sector and partner with them as a way of curating their online reputations, according to many exhibitors a...Read More


Brexit and Your Business: Dodging the Pitfalls

12 June 2019

Uncertainty over the UK’s departure from the EU is growing, with the risk of a damaging disorderly Brexit higher than ever. Hong Kong traders with operations in both the UK and EU markets will be awar...Read More


Endgame: Can Toy Licensors Survive in the Brutal New Retail Reality?

11 June 2019

While toy retailers and manufacturers have learnt to roll with the punches in these straitened times, licensors are clinging to the practices and fees they enjoyed in times more prosperous, an approac...Read More


Bold Acquisitions Show Confidence Remains in High St Toy Retailers

4 June 2019

With both the Early Learning Centre toy retail chain and Hamleys, the UK's most iconic toy shop, having recently been acquired, the ambition and investment plans of their new owners suggests high stre...Read More


Traditional Toys Trump Robots in the Battle for Consumer Affection

29 May 2019

With Anki the latest digital brand to come off worse to all things analogue in the war to win over kids, the world's most discriminating demographic, is it high-time high-tech manufacturers reassessed...Read More


Uncertainty Dogs Industry 4.0, Even Among Smart Technology Users

28 May 2019

The new frontier of smart technology for industry is proving to be as much of a challenge to define as it is to implement, with the UK's Industry 4.0 Summit & Expo providing some of the answers, while...Read More


Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Bill Set to Be Brought Back to Parliament in First Week of June

21 May 2019

Since last year, Theresa May has been trying to find a majority in Parliament for her Withdrawal Agreement Bill (“WAB”). Though she gained votes with every attempt, May has still not succeeded in gett...Read More


Re-Badged Ecobuild Keeps Focus on Sustainable Construction Practices

16 April 2019

Despite being reinvented as Futurebuild, the long-established Ecobuild, the UK's leading event for environmentally responsible real estate development, has stayed true to its founding principles, acco...Read More


EU27 and UK Agree on Extending Brexit Deadline Until 31 October 2019

12 April 2019

Following repeated rejections of the Brexit deal in the UK Parliament, the European Council scheduled a special Brexit summit for 10 April 2019. At the special summit, the EU’s heads of state and gove...Read More


EU Urges Companies to Take Precautionary Steps for REACH Compliance Before Brexit

10 April 2019

On 3 April 2019, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) recommended that companies subject to the REACH framework prepare for UK’s withdrawal from the European Union without a transition period, no matt...Read More


Petition Alleges Improper Classification Aids Certain Steel Imports in Avoiding Section 232 Tariffs

4 April 2019

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is seeking comments by 3 May on a petition filed on behalf of a U.S. steel product manufacturer requesting the re-classification of steel special profiles from the U...Read More


EU Chief Brexit Negotiator: No Deal Becomes More Likely “Day After Day”

3 April 2019

On 1 April 2019, the UK’s House of Commons failed to decide by a majority on any plan of action for an orderly Brexit. This was the second time a number of indicative votes on a possible solution were...Read More


Brexit: What’s Next after 29 March?

2 April 2019

Hong Kong companies wishing to continue trading in the UK with the least turbulence possible should be alarmed at the recent dizzying turn of events and possible scenarios in the offing, with uncertai...Read More


Uncertainty Increases Over Likelihood of Orderly Brexit with UK Running Out of Workable Options

29 March 2019

On 27 March 2019, the road to Brexit took another dizzying turn, with a number of “indicative votes” defeated in the House of Commons. On the same day, Theresa May also stated that she would resign he...Read More


Influencers, Vikings and Niffler Plushes Dominate 2019 Spring Fair

26 March 2019

Variety was once again the order of the day at the Spring Fair, the UK's largest wholesale trade event, with social-media influencers, organic beard-care kits and high-end, licensed cinematic wizardin...Read More


UK Report Finds Fashion Industry Unsustainable and Suggests Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme

25 March 2019

The UK’s Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) recently presented a report on the sustainability of clothing, finding that the fashion industry’s current business model is unsustainable, with over-consu...Read More


Trade Remedy Issues to Note for Businesses Ahead of Brexit

19 March 2019

On 6 March 2019, the Trade Remedies Investigations Directorate of the UK (“TRID”) announced that it will investigate if new anti-dumping, safeguard and anti-subsidy measures are needed in order to cou...Read More

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