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New Exemptions Under EU RoHS Law Published by European Commission

15 Nov 2019

On 5 November 2019, the Official Journal of the EU published two new Directives, both amending framework Directive 2011/65/EU on the restriction of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic eq...Read More


Mainland China and EU Conclude Negotiations over Landmark Agreement for Protection of Geographical Indications

14 Nov 2019

On 6 November 2019, the European Commission (“Commission”) announced the conclusion of negotiations for a Bilateral Landmark Agreement (“Agreement”) between mainland China and the EU for the reciproca...Read More


Anti-dumping Actions

12 Nov 2019

Action: The Official Journal has published a Corrigendum to Commission Implementing Regulation 2019/1706 of 10 October 2019 amending Implementing Regulation 2017/325 imposing a definitive anti-dumping...Read More


EU Environment Ministers Call for More Sustainable Action in, Among Others, Textiles and Electronics Sectors

12 Nov 2019

The Council of the European Union (the “Council”), bringing together the environment ministers from all EU Member States, has adopted conclusions on the transition to a sustainable society. It is a ca...Read More


Studies by Environmentalists and NGOs Reveal High Levels of Toxic Substances in Plastic Toys

7 Nov 2019

Last month, Genon Jensen, founder and executive director of the Health and Environment Alliance (“HEAL”), reported on the results of the tests conducted by HEAL and the NGOs Arnika and IPEN on over 50...Read More


EU Calls on Companies to Prepare for New Information Requirements Regarding Nanomaterials

6 Nov 2019

The European Chemicals Agency (“ECHA”) has published a news item calling on companies to prepare for the new requirements under the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals...Read More


EU Institutions and Private Companies Make Efforts to Reduce Plastics

5 Nov 2019

EU institutions such as the European Commission (“Commission”), and private companies have pledged efforts and made commitments to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the EU. On the one hand, the Co...Read More


Sexist Toys Targeted by Dutch Minister and France

5 Nov 2019

Last month, the Dutch minister for Education, Culture and Science, Ingrid van Engelshoven, was questioned in the Dutch Parliament following her statement published in a Dutch newspaper in which she ha...Read More


New Brexit Date Set for 31 January 2020, with UK Elections to Take Place on 12 December 2019

31 Oct 2019

After being forced to break his pledge to bring the UK out of the EU by 31 October 2019, the UK Prime Minister was obliged to accept an extension to Brexit until 31 January 2020. In response to this, ...Read More


Latest list of European Standards under General Product Safety Law is Published

29 Oct 2019

The Official Journal has published Commission Implementing Decision 2019/1698 on European standards for products that have been drafted in support of the EU Directive on “general product safety” (Dire...Read More


Details Published on New Database for Chemicals of Concern in Consumer Goods

28 Oct 2019

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has published a 15-page document entitled “detailed information requirements for the SCIP database”. From 5 January 2021, companies, including Hong Kong suppliers,...Read More


Brexit: UK Parliament Votes to Approve Deal Reached by EU and UK but Rejects Timetable to Leave by 31 October 2019

24 Oct 2019

The UK and the EU managed to reach a new deal, the UK Prime Minister reluctantly sent a letter to the EU requesting an extension to Brexit, and UK MPs voted to allow the legislation on the Withdrawal ...Read More


Official Guidelines Published on Interpretation and Application of EU Law on Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts

21 Oct 2019

The European Commission has published its Guidance Notice on the interpretation and application of Council Directive 93/13/EEC on unfair terms in consumer contracts (“the UCTD”) which aims to protect ...Read More


Anti-dumping Actions

21 Oct 2019

Commodity: Ceramic tableware and kitchenware, excluding ceramic condiment or spice mills and their ceramic grinding parts, ceramic coffee mills, ceramic knife sharpeners, ceramic sharpeners, ceramic k...Read More


UK to Grant 88% of Imports Tariff-free in Case of No-deal Exit

17 Oct 2019

On 8 October 2019, the UK Treasury and Department for International Trade – as part of the UK’s no-deal preparations – published an update to the UK’s temporary tariff regime that is intended to be pu...Read More


Anti-dumping Actions

15 Oct 2019

Action: On 11 October 2019, the Official Journal published Commission Implementing Regulation 2019/1706 of 10 October 2019 amending Implementing Regulation 2017/325 imposing a definitive anti-dumping ...Read More


EU Court Annuls Anti-dumping Duties Imposed on Imports of Solar Glass Originating in Mainland China

15 Oct 2019

In an anti-dumping case that is likely to be interest to traders with export interests in mainland China, the General Court of the European Union (“General Court”) has issued a judgment. The judgment ...Read More


New EU Report Published on Counterfeit Goods, Including Toys and Clothing, Entering the EU

11 Oct 2019

The European Commission has released figures showing the increasing number of interceptions of fake goods entering the EU due to the rising number of small parcels, express and postal traffic. The rep...Read More


Phil Hogan Obtains Parliamentary Committee Approval as EU Trade Commissioner After Presenting Robust Views

10 Oct 2019

On 30 September 2019, following a parliamentary vetting process held in the Trade Committee of the European Parliament, Phil Hogan obtained preliminary approval to become the EU’s new Trade Commission...Read More


Anti-dumping Actions

8 Oct 2019

Action: On 4 October 2019, the Official Journal published a notice concerning the anti-dumping measures in force in respect of imports of ceramic tableware and kitchenware originating in the Chinese m...Read More

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