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Resurgent Busan Sees Korea on Course to Take Lead Role in Asian Film

30 Oct 2019

With the Busan International Film Festival restored to pre-eminence among Asia-Pacific moviemakers, moves are afoot to capitalise on its success via pan-regional initiatives and greater co-operation w...Read More


Republic of Korea: Visa on Demand

18 Oct 2019

This page provides general information about visa requirements for Hong Kong residents travelling to Republic of Korea. For residents outside Hong Kong, please contact the nearest embassy or consulate...Read More


Republic of Korea: Market Profile

11 Oct 2019

South Korea, now the world's 15th largest economy, has experienced significant success by combining rapid economic growth with significant reductions in poverty. Its rapid growth in the last few decad...Read More


South Korea Vows to Renounce WTO Developing Country Status at Behest of United States

16 Sept 2019

South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced on 4 September that South Korea is “poised to abandon” its World Trade Organisation status as a developing country. According to an infor...Read More


South Korean Moviemakers Set Out to Conquer Global Streaming Sector

19 Nov 2018

Back on track after a few years in the wilderness, attendees at the Busan International Film Festival were keen to see South Korea's movies cross the digital frontier, while talk also focused on launc...Read More


U.S., South Korea Sign Updated Free Trade Agreement

27 Sept 2018

The United States and South Korea signed on 24 September an updated bi-lateral FTA that includes amendments and modifications to the existing deal as well as additional agreements and understandings t...Read More


Philippines' Hunger for Foreign Food Sees Global Players Set to Serve

11 Sept 2018

With a huge population, a rapidly expanding economy and a distinct willingness to try non-local foods, the Philippines is proving an irresistible market for culinary suppliers and food-equipment manuf...Read More


Despite Import Difficulties, Overseas Cosmetic Brands Dominate China

10 Sept 2018

Trusted and valued more by mainland consumers than the domestic alternatives, imported cosmetic products remain the market leaders in China, with the country now the world's second-largest beauty mark...Read More


Outcomes of U.S.-South Korea FTA Renegotiation Published; Further Steps Needed to Implement

6 Sept 2018

The United States and South Korea have published the agreed outcomes of their negotiations earlier this year to amend and modify the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement....Read More


Short-Sighted Mainlanders Targeted by Far-Seeing Optical Companies

19 July 2018

With a myopia rate of about 50% – well above the global average of 30% – the vast size of China's visually impaired population is making the mainland the number-one target market for the ever-expansio...Read More


Overseas Brands Look to Carve Up Vietnam's Growing Cosmetics Market

14 June 2018

Small but beautifully formed as it may be, Vietnam's cosmetics sector has caught the attention of the industry giants, with many of them keen to build their brands in what is set to become one of Asia...Read More


DHS Offers Guidance on Examining Supply Chains for Prohibited North Korean Labour

27 April 2018

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has published a list of frequently-asked questions that provide further guidance on complying with an August 2017 law that generally prohibits imports of goods...Read More


U.S. and South Korea Reach Agreement on FTA Changes

13 April 2018

The United States and South Korea have reached an agreement in principle on modifications to be made to their bi-lateral free trade agreement....Read More


China and South Korea Set to Launch Three Joint Venture Industrial Parks

31 Jan 2018

Following formal assent from the State Council, three new industrial parks are to be jointly-established with the Republic of Korea (ROK) – the China-ROK (Yancheng) Industrial Park in Jiangsu, the Chi...Read More


U.S. and South Korea Explore Ways to Improve Bi-lateral FTA

19 Jan 2018

The United States and South Korea held their first talks on updating their bi-lateral free trade agreement (KORUS) on 5 January in Washington, D.C., and could hold subsequent rounds every three to fou...Read More


Continuing Off-screen Dramas Fail to Derail the Busan Film Festival

15 Nov 2017

Despite local and global political machinations threatening to overshadow the 2017 Busan International Film Festival, the event proved something of a success, even if proceedings were more subdued tha...Read More


U.S. Considering Potential Termination of FTA with South Korea as NAFTA Renegotiation Advances

15 Sept 2017

President Trump recently suggested that the United States may withdraw from its free trade agreement with South Korea but that threat appears to be on hold after administration officials, business gro...Read More


Asia Tipped to be World's Largest Amusement Park Market by 2020

8 Sept 2017

With Asia-Pacific set to be the most important theme-park market in terms of both value and visitor numbers, speakers at the recent Asian Attractions Expo predicted growing competition between domesti...Read More


USTR to Analyse Performance of U.S. FTAs, Will Seek Revisions to Deal with South Korea

21 July 2017

USTR and the U.S. Department of Commerce are seeking input by 31 July that will be considered as part of the comprehensive performance reviews they are conducting of U.S. trade agreements....Read More


Global Brands Battle to Carve Up Robust Vietnamese Cosmetics Market

1 June 2017

Home to increasingly affluent young consumers, who have yet to develop true brand loyalties or prejudices, it is perhaps unsurprising that Vietnam should have emerged as a keen battleground for the wo...Read More

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