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Compact, Disposable Items and Foodstuffs Top Japan's Gift-giving List

30 March 2017

With space ever at a premium, exhibitors at the recent Tokyo International Gift Show were finding success with space-saving products, Korean style, retro designs, overly cute animal-themed dolls and s...Read More


Japan: Market Profile

13 March 2017

The Japanese economy expanded by 0.5% in 2016, same as in 2015, and is expected to maintain similar growth of 0.6% in 2017....Read More


Subtly Japanese Modernist Aesthetic Dominates Tokyo Furniture Show

1 Feb 2017

Although "sleek" and "modernist" were the watchwords at the recent International Furniture Fair Tokyo/Interior Lifestyle Living expo, few ranges met with success if they failed to incorporate a few no...Read More


Wholly China-proof Designs Prove Holy Grail at Tokyo Fashion World

17 Jan 2017

Exhibitors at autumn event polarised between showing extensive range of largely undifferentiated middle-market footwear and apparel or going for broke with high-end items designed to be virtually uncl...Read More


Anti-fashion and the Willfully Drab Conquer Japanese Style Show

7 Dec 2016

Bright colours and ostentatious fashions are now being eschewed by many Japanese consumers, according to exhibitors at Rooms, Tokyo's most avant-garde clothing expo, with a nonchalant, rural vibe the ...Read More


Declining Soft Power Spurs Japan to Re-Galvanise Movie Production

25 Nov 2016

Concerned that its sphere of influence – and domestic audience – is dwindling, the Japanese film industry is actively seeking joint productions and new markets, backed by government incentives and you...Read More


Silver Market and Traditional Products Hold Sway at Tokyo Gift Show

31 Oct 2016

With older Japanese consumers now having far greater levels of disposable income than many of their younger counterparts, this year's Tokyo International Gift Show was notably skewed towards the needs...Read More


Mainstream Products Turn Niche to Access the Japanese Market

28 July 2016

A number of exhibitors at this year's Design Tokyo event highlighted the need to rethink many of the accepted marketing strategies when it comes to successfully navigating the idiosyncrasies of this m...Read More


Changed Consumer Sentiment Sends Interior Lifestyle Tokyo Upmarket

11 July 2016

With Japanese consumers increasingly opting for the sleek, the sophisticated and the uncluttered, this year's Interior Lifestyle Tokyo event saw a distinct change in emphasis as well as a notable upgr...Read More


Consumers Come to the Fore as Ultimate Style Arbiters at JFW

2 Feb 2016

No longer can a small coterie of buyers dictate seasonal fashion trends, according to exhibitors at the Japan Fashion Week-International Fashion Fair. Instead, empowered consumers are using social med...Read More


China Dominates Asia Travel Sector as Destination and Tourism Source

27 Jan 2016

More than 408 million tourists now visit Asia-Pacific destinations every year, with China taking the lead as both the preferred destination and the largest source of outbound tourists. Japan, though, ...Read More


Native Mobile Games Dominate, but Monetisation Proves Elusive

25 Jan 2016

Mobile gaming is decidedly on the up, with a number of console games makers switching their focus to this medium. The challenge, though, according to attendees at the Tokyo Game Show, is making money ...Read More


Vietnam US Clothing Exports Set for Eventual Zero Tariff Rating as TPP Signing Looms

21 Jan 2016

The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement is set to be signed on 4 February in New Zealand....Read More


Trade Regulations of Japan

30 Nov 2015

Japan’s tariff is on average one of the lowest in the world, approximately 2%. In October 2015, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement was concluded with Japan among the 12 Pacific-Rim signator...Read More


Japan's Youth Rediscovers its Past at the 2015 Tokyo Gift Show

6 Nov 2015

Retro stylings, classic images of Japan, newly reinvented aroma dispensers and a bewildering variety of smartphone and tablet accessories and covers dominated proceedings at the 80th iteration of the ...Read More


High-end Goods Return to the Fore at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo 2015

15 July 2015

While still hamstrung by the economic uncertainties that bedevil Japan, there were clear signs of a willingness to spend at this year's Interior Lifestyle Tokyo event, especially given the emergence o...Read More


Japan Announces Adoption of New Care Labelling Symbols

5 June 2015

According to the News Release published by the Consumer Affairs Agency, Government of Japan on 31 March 2015, the new care labelling standard (JIS L0001-2014) is approved to be implemented and will re...Read More


Chinese Tourism Spend Props Up Subdued Japanese Fashion Sector

4 June 2015

With local consumers unusually cautious and value-focussed, Japan's fashion designers are finding the spend by the ever increasing number of mainland visitors a vital lifeline, according to many exhib...Read More


Japan Announces Azo Restriction in Textile Products

4 May 2015

The Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) officially released the amendment to the existing “Act on Control of Household Products Containing Harmful Substances”, where azo compounds are ...Read More


Japan New Safety Standard for Cords and Drawstrings on Children’s Clothing

1 April 2015

Cords and drawstrings on children’s clothing pose the risk of accidental strangulation and entrapment. Several countries have already set safety requirements to minimize the risk of accident. In June ...Read More

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